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The Center for Sustainability Studies (GVces) of the Business Administration School at Getulio Vargas Foundation (Eaesp-FGV) is an arena for study, learning, insights, innovation, and knowledge production, formed by people with multidisciplinary background. Its mission is to continuously expand the frontiers of knowledge, contributing to a sustainable development, both for public and private management. It aims to be an area of excellence at co-creation, knowledge sharing and application.

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Página22 Magazine is a GVces journalism communication channel with society. Through its printed and digital channels, it works as a forum for debates, insights and in-depth approach of critical environmental issues. It operates as a trend radar and presents purposeful pathways. It promotes synapses among topics and actors and sheds and original light on themes of common interest. All this in a democratic way, since all content can be freely accessed, reproduced and shared upon Creative Commons’ license.

Learn more about P22_ON Magazine

P22_ON is an product of Página22 Magazine aimed at sharing with the society the knowledge produced by GVces researchers in their different lines of action. For such, it seeks to use an attractive and accessible language to a variety of audiences, with a firm belief clear information is the first step to build public policies that generate welfare to everybody. It will be published every two months, alternating with the printed edition of the magazine, which readers are already familiar with. This new publication is launched with the Carbon Pricing topic, shedding a light on studies produced by the Climate Intelligence Unit, a GVces research nucleus.


Coordinator Mario Monzoni

Vice-Coordinator Paulo Durval Branco

Editor Amália Safatle

Production Manager Bel Brunharo

Website Producer Milene Fukuda

 Texts Amália Safatle and Magali Cabral

 Revisor José Genulino Moura Ribeiro

Collaborator Bruno Toledo

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